Urubu scale

Humand and an Urubu (note that the Urubu is sort of..flying


Urubu are a vulture like species that feast on carrion. Poachers always tried to catch these birds, for they have beautiful feathers, which is said to hold a secret 'power' (by shamans). They eat meat and feed their children in their nests with it (Urubu's barely eat when they're adult)  

Pros and ConsEdit

Pro:                                           ConsEdit

+ Easy to mass                           - Urubu's are weak against AoE weapons (Flamer bot, Primal Zerg)

+ Can jump on/off cliffs                 -  

+ Fast.

+Can feast on collected meat to increase size, health and damage.                 


An Urubu



Though they are not the strongest race in battle, they make for it in numbers and speed.

As they eat meat they don't need to place their nest close to any food source

Ububuru rocks can be placed on high ground or on cliffs to make them harder to reach.

The Urubu procrate in the Uburu Rock. They procreate slowly overtime, but you can feed any meat you collect to the nest to increase the growth rate. You can double your output with an upgrade

Male Uburus roam around looking for meat to bring back to the nest. occasionally one may see a Pink Uburu, these oddities have more health and attack speed than it's less colorful companions.

A chicken skin can be aquired through an event

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- Urubu was the third race added