Some attributes
Food Plants/ Fish
Prefered Terrain Anywhere with lots of plants and/or fish.
Type Mass based frontal fighter race
Other attributes
Pros Variaty of troops
Cons Require minerals for full potential / lack range

Karaks are bird like creatures that usually live in great herds, herded by so called Herd Masters.

They use their beak as weapon and are very fast because of their legs, specially evolved to run and jump.

Pros and consEdit

+ Karaks are fast                    - Weak on their own

+ Easy to procrate                  - Easily countered by Carrion wasps

+ Easy to play

+Can Jump off/on Cliffs

+(Soon) Herdmasters will be able to stun.                     


Karak males will fertilize females and females will lay eggs.


Karaks have 4 units:

- Male Karak: Male karaks are redish, they can fertizile females when they have enough energy.

Males are essential at procreating karaks.

- Female Karak: Female karaks are recognizable by their grey look. They can get fertilized by males and then lay eggs if they have enough energy. Females are essential at procreating karaks.

- Herd Master: Herd masters are black and are stronger then the average karak they cannot, however, procreate.

They also are used to upgrade your karaks

- Egg


-Karaks were the first race that were created