Primal Protoss
A small tribe of Primal Protoss
Some attributes
Food Plants / Fish / Meat
Prefered Terrain Defensive position with plants
Type Tribal
Other attributes
Pros Units are quite strong / Have ranged casters / Can heal
Cons Rely on Elders, which are slow.

The Tribal protoss are one of the strongest races. 

To unlock them, you have to kill a Protoss called "Robin" on the map Critter Planet. 


-The Protoss are realy weak in early game, but one of the strongest races in lategame. so a late Fleet-beacon rush is the tactic to use.

-In earlygame you have to make sure you have a hidden base, because the game is over when one of your unit types (elder protoss or worker) is killed completely.

-Protoss can use nearly every Food, but you have to make sure that you have enough near your base, so mushrooms aren´t as good as plants or fish.

-You will have about 30 units when endgame beginns, so make sure you have finished with upgrading.

-Use Bonfires to heal units after and/or while battle.

-Make sure you enemy can´t use his mass units as an adventage by using slim corridors and your rift ability, so the enemy can´t surround you. 

-Use the Elder-Protoss skills to win every battle!

Terrain 149

Tribal Protoss around a campfire


-Tribal Protoss:

HP: 26  Energy: 0  Armor: 1,6  Attackdamage: 3,5  Attackspeed: 1,3

-Tribal Protoss elder

HP: 35  Energy: 60 Armor: 0  Attackdamage/Attackspeed: no attacks availiable

-You have 6 upgrade points you can unlock with 10mineral eack to spend for uprading the damage or health of your units.

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