Welcome to the Critter Island Wiki

Critter Island is a map for Starcraft 2, the main objective of the game is to eliminate the other players. You play as a critter races who must eat and procreate in order to become strong. There are currently 14 different races to pick, all with their pros and cons. This wiki is still needing alot of work.

Feel free to start discussions by creating new pages.

Link to the facebook page:

Latest activity

Poll :What should be the focus of the next patch?

The poll was created at 16:15 on December 3, 2014, and so far 49 people voted.

Latest News

  • Wiki being updated, yay.

Suggestions List

Crab Beetles


Bengalaas Rework


Sporerays Reworked

Urubu Karak and Ursadak Changes

Dragon Migration

Baneling Stampede

No More Vespene!

Timeless Mode

Basic Instruction No Vision

It came from the Sky

Edible & Not edible

Spectator Mode

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