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Critter Island is a map for Starcraft 2, the main objective of the game is to eliminate the other players. You play as a critter races who must eat and procreate in order to become strong. There are currently 14 different races to pick, all with their pros and cons. This wiki is still needing alot of work.

Feel free to start discussions by creating new pages.

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Latest activity

  • new page Dragons
    created by A FANDOM user 26 minutes ago
    New page: Dragons How to Obtain: Dragon Egg event, dragon eggs are randomly spawned and deposited around the map, destroying it grants the player the dragon...
  • discussion page Talk:Lava crab / flame crab bugged armor
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: is there any way to get more flame crabs?
  • discussion page Talk:Every n1gger in the universe.
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: How find Robin?
  • new page Forum:Please help! Glitch
    created by Ploxicle
    New page: Can you please help with the water glitch where you cannot select units in water. Also some of the races where you grow your units when you get to a...
  • discussion page Talk:Critter Planet Players
    new comment by Ploxicle
    Comment: yes definetly my sc2 name is ZzxxxzZ add me up!
  • new page Critter Planet Players
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Does anyone want to get a clan going? We need a more dedicated play group, especially with the new game on its way!
  • discussion page Talk:Critter Island Wiki
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: how do i unlock the dragon dna? ive seen the dragon migration event a couple of times and saw them flying towards the edge of the map and dragon eggs...
    Summary: Dragon dna
  • discussion page Talk:Shadow Serpents
    new comment by Elbareth
    Comment: They could do significant damage with their dark breath ability, it's just a shame they usually die before they can actually use it.  Only when...
  • discussion page Talk:Shadow Serpents
    new comment by Dlracono
    Comment: Pretty weak race against massive numbers like Scants or fast units like Bengalaas if you ask me.
  • discussion page Talk:Ten'darí
    new comment by Dlracono
    Comment: In the "Something came from the sky" event, you can destroy the parasite overlord's lair (Lair of the dead(?)). Outcomes a Tendari controlled by the...
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Latest News

  • Wiki being updated, yay.

Suggestions List

Crab Beetles


Bengalaas Rework


Sporerays Reworked

Urubu Karak and Ursadak Changes

Dragon Migration

Baneling Stampede

No More Vespene!

Timeless Mode

Basic Instruction No Vision

It came from the Sky

Edible & Not edible

Spectator Mode

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