A crabbeetle
Some attributes
Food Plants (Also need meat to procreate)
Prefered Terrain Jungle / Plains
Type Mass
Other attributes
Pros High speed / Tanky /

Great late game

Cons Hatchlings are vulnerable and need water to grow. Crabbeetles use alot of plants.

The Crabbeetles are a race on the map Critter Planet.


Crab Beetle Procreation

Crab Beetles procreation

The Crab beetles procreate by infesting the corpses of other animals with their eggs. Although they need meat to procreate they don't eat any of it. Adult Crab Beetles eat plants. Young crablings eat small animals and fish found in the water and as such so long as they are in water their energy will build up. Once they reach 60 energy they can be grown into small adult crab beetles. Should they need to crablings can use their "Flee" ability for 20 energy in order to escape other predators.

Crab Beetles

Bottom Middle you can(sort of) see a tiny crabling just hatched. Middle Right is a matured but ungrown crab. Left is a fully grown and matured crab

Similiarly to Lava Crabs they can consume the energy they've stored up to grow in size, strength and speed.

Crab Beetle Mass

Crab Beetles having a snack

Crab Beetles eat quite fast and as such can strip plant sources bare in seconds. This forces you to constantly migrate in order to continue growing but because your young require water to mature it can be problematic at times to both protect your young as well as keep your adults growing.


Early game Crab Beetles are  vunerable as they only have two rather weak crabs at the start. Growing each one once or twice is reccomended before you hunt for meat or mineral towers.

Crab Beetles use very little Minerals and as such it's not crucial for you to grab a tower early game. CBs (Crab Beetles) only use Minerals for their damage upgrades.

Mid game Crab beetles do the same thing they've been doing from the start. They walk between plant spawns looking for more plants and the occasional bit of meat(for procreation). While rabbits and wierd fish do offer a somewhat safe way of finding meat it is a slow way of increasing your numbers as each of those crablings first have to mature before they can become useful.

Like uburus your numbers can multiply from conflict. Fully grown CBs are tough and pack quite a punch. Use these to your advantage by forcing battles against tribes that rely on their numbers to win. Keep fighting unitl they are either dead or forced to flee. For each one of them that falls you'll be able to breed another 3 of your own so their loss is your gain. Just remember that the period right after a battle you'll be at your weakest as your young can take quite a while to mature, unlike uburus who's  young hatch and grow quite fast.

Because of the sheer amount of plants they'll need to grow  CBs tend to get into conflict with many other plant eating species early on.


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Upgrades TabEdit

Damage increase

Damage Increase Button

Increase Damage. 


-Crabbeetles was the first race to have water bound procreation

- Crabbeetles can be unlocked by killing a neutral crab beetle coming through an anomaly.