Reworking Bengalaas by AelfyrEdit

So you guys got ideas? Post them here!

Aelfyr - Bengalaas got actually 30hp 3.5 dmg and have 6 possible dmg upgrade. It seems that the increase spawn disappeared.

New stats for bengalaas should be : 18hp, 3.5dmg, 6Max upgrade and choose beetwen damage and HP (+4 per up).

The increase spawn should cost 15 Mineral.

The stalking function of bengalass is near useless actually.

Maybe change it to : 100 energy give the possibility to acquire stalk. Stalk duration is 10 sec and increase the speed of bengalas of 30%. The cooldown on Stalk is 80 sec. It will be a skill that bengalass need to learn. Newcoming bengalaas won't have this one and will need some food to train this skill