A lonely Automaton
Some attributes
Food Lava crystals
Prefered Terrain Defensive position with lava crystals
Type Jacks-of-all-trade-robots
Other attributes
Pros Huge masses/ massive AoE/ great defenses
Cons Really need their mineral towers

Also known as "Bots" these sentient A.I feed on the energy contained within Lava Crystals. They use said energy to run the reactors that construct more bots as well as to power their security turrets.


Bots are a base building race that relies on it's buildings for defence and procreation.

Turrets regain energy slowly overtime but can be sped up by mules harvesting Lava Crystals.

Turrets use solar power to charge it's batteries and as such it will slowly regain energy during the day.

All Bot units have the ability to Self Destruct allowing a unit to kill iteslf in order to cause AoE damage to hostiles around it

Units and BuildingsEdit




The MULE carries the fate of the entire Bot tribe on it's defenseless back.

- The mechanized workforce of the Bot Tribe.

- Only unit capable of building turrets and reactors

- Can gather energy from LavaCrystals and transfer it to reactors and turrets.

- Has no way of defending itself

- can Self Destruct to damage hostiles around it.



The Bot war machines marching on their next objective

Primary fighter for the Bot Tribe

- While weak individually they are effective when massed with support from Turrets or Flamer Bots.

- Can Self Destruct to damage hostile units around it

Bots are a heartless race who sit on cliff sides enjoying the view

Flamer BotsEdit


Flamer bots discussing the deep philosophy associated with burning critters alive.

- Support fighter of the Bot Tribe.

- Has a flame attack that does AoE damage - The only bot unit that costs minerals to produce - Only 6 may be alive at any one time    


Turrets at work

Sentries on duty

-The defeinsive structure of the Bot Tribe.-Regains energy during the day -uses energy to attack.